Legacy Machine LM Sequential Evo Black

  • Collection: LM Sequential Evo
  • Model Reference: LM Sequential Evo Black
  • Case/Size: Zirconium / 44mm
  • Dial: Black
  • Movement: Automatic winding
  • Functions: Hours, Minutes, Chronograph
  • Specificity: Novelty
  • Condition / Year: Brand New / 2023
  • Box / Papers: Yes / Yes
  • Collection: LM Sequential Evo
  • Model Reference: LM Sequential Evo Black
  • Case/Size: zirconium / 44mm
  • Dial: Black
  • Movement: Automatic winding
  • Functions: Hours, Minutes, Chronograph, Power reserve indicator
  • Specificity: Novelty
  • Condition / Year: Brand New / 2023
  • Box / Papers: Yes / Yes
  • Price: Upon Request
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The first legacy machine was introduced in 2011 – a whole new dimension to the brand which was, until then making only the very-conventional Horological Machines. The Legacy Machine was Max Busser’s love letter to the godfathers of mechanical watches such as Ferdinand Berthoud, Jules Verne, Gustave Eiffel and Antide Janvier among the other greats. Max Büsser teamed up with Kari Voutilainen and Jean-François Mojon to create the Legacy Machine 1 – a conventional timepiece in terms of case design, but a very unconventional representation of time and movement construction. Technically it was still an MB&F from outer space but in a traditional case. This caught the world off-guard.


MB&F, renowned for reinterpreting the world of horological artistry, pushes the boundaries once again with the Legacy Machine LM Sequential Evo Black. This exceptional timepiece stands as a testament to the brand’s undying spirit of innovation, blending contemporary aesthetics with traditional mechanical watchmaking.

At the core of the Sequential Evo Black is a groundbreaking architectural layout. As with previous Legacy Machines, the suspended balance wheel takes center stage, oscillating with grace and precision. This spectacle serves as a visual metaphor for time’s unstoppable rhythm. This design element, a hallmark of MB&F creations, showcases the marriage of artistic vision and mechanical brilliance.

Below this captivating dance of the balance wheel, the twin sub-dials come into focus. They don’t just display time; they narrate it. Operating in a sequential manner, these dials introduce a fresh perspective on timekeeping. The user witnesses hours and minutes in a dynamic dance, rotating to mark the passage of time in a unique, engaging manner.

Setting the stage for this horological performance is the deep black backdrop, which amplifies the gleam of the rhodium-plated elements. This monochromatic canvas accentuates the movement’s mesmerizing intricacies, from the majestic bridges to the signature Côtes de Genève finish.

The exterior of the Sequential Evo Black is equally noteworthy. Its case, characterized by sculptural aesthetics, is both robust and refined. The PVD black coating, true to its name, infuses the watch with a modern, edgy demeanor.

MB&F’s commitment to technical excellence and design innovation shines through in every facet of the Sequential Evo Black. The in-house developed movement, sophisticated display mechanics, and avant-garde aesthetics all converge to create a timepiece that is not just a watch but an experience.

In essence, the Legacy Machine LM Sequential Evo Black is more than a testament to time—it’s a celebration of horological evolution, capturing the essence of MB&F’s audacious journey in the world of contemporary watchmaking.



MB&F – bio

Founded in July 2005 and based in Geneva, Switzerland.
They are known for their futuristic designs inspired by science fiction especially with The “Horological Machines” and the “Legacy Machines” collection.
They represents a collaborative effort between artisans, artists and professionals who collectively design unique horological masterpieces.  All their “machines” are inspired by a either a vintage car design, spaceship or another imaginative vehicles from its founder’s mind.

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Accompanied by a leather wallet with instruction manual, MB&F international warranty and presentation box.