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A small selection of some highly collectible timepieces

Rolex Daytona (Zenith) 16520 Tiffany Dial

The present watch is an ultra rare, Cosmograph Daytona (reference 16520 L series) initially sold by the famous American retailer Tiffany & Co. around 1991.
Highly collectible due to the fact that the black gloss dial is double signed, a few little words can sometime make a big difference, as we see here the very sought after “Tiffany & Co.” is stamped below ‘Cosmograph’.
To bring this find to another level of collectability, it is even rarer to discover an almost complete set, with namely; the Tiffany & Co. warranty certificate, Tiffany & Co. presentation box and the famous signature turquoise coloured outer packaging.

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The rarest of rare collectibles

Reference 25829TP.O.0944TP.01 has only 16 pieces in the entire world. Audemars Piguet showed us a great technical and artistic talent to come up with the reference 25829TP as it’s created from dual materials, platinum and tantalum the rarest of precious metals in the world, known for its hardness and corrosion resistance, it features a sophisticated two-tone aesthetic, with a unique non-contrast appeal. This effect, known as “ton-sur-ton”, complements the two metals and makes each stand out.

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Audemars Piguet Flying Tourbillon 26532IC.EE.1220TI.01

This present timepiece was introduced early 2021 taking the world by surprise. While the blue-dial sports watches have dominated as the favorites for decades, the green shades have recently claimed the top spot.

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Patek Philippe 5971/13P-010 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph with Green Emerald

The Patek Philippe Reference 5971/13P-010 is not just a watch; it’s a whispered conversation between art and time, a dance of elegance and precision. Introduced in 2010, this limited edition, with only very few in existence, is a rare jewel in the crown of horological masterpieces.

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6002G Sky Moon

The “Sky Moon Tourbillon” is Patek Philippe’s master piece that features thirteen complications such as a minute repeater, tourbillon, a perpetual calendar with a retrograde date with moon phases display and a second dial on the case back indicating the sidereal time, a sky chart with phases and orbit of the moon.

The massive gold case is now fully hand-engraved with arabesque motifs, even the pushers and the fold-over clasp are hand-finished.   A beautiful blue dial made in champlevé and cloisonné enamel with gold applied Roman numerals that took countless hours to perfect sits now proudly on the almighty Sky Moon.


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Cosmograph Daytona Arabic

The present watch is a standard platinum version, reference 116506 but with an exclusive, one of a kind dial version made only for the Middle Eastern markets, it bears applied “Arabic” numerals.

If the production remains limited or stops, it will be soon become one of the most coveted modern Daytona by all the collectors.

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The present watch is a never before seen, unique 5970J made as a special order for an important Patek Philippe collector.

The standard 40mm yellow gold model with the white dial (initially made only one year in 2008) bears the reference 5970J-001, but this 1/1 special piece was born with the black dial of the platinum version and received therefore a different reference, the 5970J-012.

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Chronomètre Bleu Byblos

The present watch is a special limited edition of 99 pieces named ‘Byblos‘ after the ancestral Lebanese city.  It was release to commemorate the opening of the 10th F.P. Journe boutique in Beirut.

A very first for a FP Journe watch, the watch has a semi-skeleton dial, partly circular grained base plate with barleycorn guilloché. The blue chapter ring depicts the Mediterranean sky and its fiery sun.
Only 20 pieces were made with these ‘Eastern Arabic’ numerals and another 79 Chronomètre Bleu ‘Byblos’ with normal “Western Arabic” numerals for a total of 99 watches altogether.
*This timepiece is very coveted and remarkably rare to find.

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5970J-014 | 2015 London Exhibition

Its real charm comes from the extremely rare chocolate brown sunburst dial that bears the reference 5970J-014.

In the brand’s history, the perpetual calendar chronograph is certainly the most important watch and this model one of the most sought after modern timepiece.

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Patek Philippe 5711/113P-001 | Nautilus Platinum Emerald

The present model reference 5711/113P-001 is a very special edition of a handful of pieces only, made for VIP customers and not available on the public catalogue.
What truly sets the present watch apart is that it is rendered in platinum with a bezel set with 32 baguette emeralds and 12 emeralds on the hour markers.
It is believed this watch was produced in less than 10 examples.

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Patek Philippe 3970EP-046 | Special Dial

An extremely rare piece, estimated to be around a dozen only made as a limited edition re-release of the 3970 in platinum at the 2015 Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition in London.

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