Horological Machines – HM6 Titanium

  • Collection: Horological Machines
  • Model Reference: HM6 Ti
  • Case/Size: Titanium / 49.5 x 52.3mm
  • Dial: Black
  • Movement: Automatic winding
  • Functions: Hours, Minutes, Tourbillon
  • Specificity: Limited to 50 pieces
  • Condition / Year: Very Good / Excellent / 2014
  • Box / Papers: Yes / Yes
  • Collection: Horological Machines
  • Model Reference: HM6 Ti
  • Case/Size: Titanium / 49.5 x 52.3mm
  • Dial: Black
  • Movement: Automatic winding
  • Functions: Hours, Minutes, Tourbillon
  • Specificity: Limited to 50 pieces
  • Condition / Year: Very Good / Excellent / 2014
  • Box / Papers: Yes / Yes
  • Price: Upon Request
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In a surprising twist in 2014, the avant-garde watchmakers at MB&F unveiled the Horological Machine No.6 (HM6), a timepiece that defied convention and pushed the boundaries of horological design. Drawing inspiration from the 1980s Japanese anime TV series “Captain Future,” where the Captain’s spaceship featured two interconnected spheres with biomorphic forms, the HM6 was born. This artistic inspiration translated seamlessly into the watch’s design, creating a captivating blend of science fiction and horological innovation.

To bring this futuristic vision to life, MB&F collaborated with master watchmaker David Candaux, entrusting him with the development of a three-dimensional horological engine that would become the beating heart of the HM6. This mesmerizing movement boasts several remarkable features:

A central flying tourbillon, shielded with retractable protection, providing both precise timekeeping and a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

An iridescent green platinum 950 battle-axe automatic winding rotor, an exquisite and unique touch that adds a vibrant splash of color and flair.

Twin aluminum turbines, ingeniously driven by the winding rotor, not only serve as an aesthetic highlight but also regulate the winding mechanism.

A substantial power reserve of 72 hours ensures that the HM6 keeps ticking reliably, even during periods of rest.

The present model of the Horological Machine 6 features a titanium case, adding a contemporary and lightweight touch while maintaining durability. Limited to just 50 pieces, it stands as a testament to MB&F’s commitment to exclusivity and craftsmanship.

The HM6 is not only available in this stunning titanium edition but also in five other limited editions, each with its distinctive characteristics, and four unique pieces, making it a collector’s dream. It’s a timepiece that marries imagination, innovation, and artistry, embodying MB&F’s fearless approach to watchmaking, where every detail is a work of art, and every glance sparks wonder. The HM6 is a horological masterpiece that transports you to a universe of unparalleled design and creativity.



MB&F – bio

Founded in July 2005 and based in Geneva, Switzerland.
They are known for their futuristic designs inspired by science fiction especially with The “Horological Machines” and the “Legacy Machines” collection.
They represents a collaborative effort between artisans, artists and professionals who collectively design unique horological masterpieces.  All their “machines” are 
inspired by a either a vintage car design, spaceship or another imaginative vehicles from its founder’s mind. 

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Accompanied by a leather wallet with instruction manual, MB&F international warranty and special presentation box.