F.P. Journe
Répétition Souveraine

  • Collection: Répétition Souveraine
  • Model reference: Répétition Souveraine
  • Case/Size: Steel, 40mm
  • Dial: Smoked sapphire dial with ivory stamping
  • Movement: Manual-winding
  • Functions: Minute repeater
  • Specificity: Very Rare
  • Condition: Mint
  • Price: Upon Request


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F.P. Journe’s horological creations can be likened to a sophisticated video game – where each accomplishment is followed by an even more challenging task. His timepieces are perpetual quests for excellence, featuring complications that appear deceptively simple despite their intrinsic complexity.

The ultra-thin Répétition Souveraine is a testament to this spirit. Born out of Journe’s desire to explore new realms in the “musical” aspects of horology, this watch pushes boundaries, following the legacy of its predecessors – the Grande and Petite Sonnerie.

The Répétition Souveraine’s defining feature is its 4.5mm thick calibre, showcasing an exquisite complication embedded within a remarkably slender frame. Its reinvented minute repeater mechanism is worthy of two unique patents.

The first invention is the flat gong, previously used in the Sonnerie Souveraine. Positioned beneath the dial instead of around the movement, it creates a more resonant sound while freeing up space. The second novelty, in contrast to conventional minute repeaters, is the shared hammer for hours and minutes. This design facilitates an automatic pause between the hour and minute chimes when there are no quarter-hours, thereby maximizing movement space.

The manually wound calibre 1408, with its 18-karat rose gold base-plates and bridges, is more reminiscent of a standard hand-wound calibre than a grand complication. It operates at 21,600 vibrations/hour and offers a power reserve of 56 hours +/- 2, depending on the use of the minute repeater. Despite these advancements, the minute repeater remains an energy-intensive complication.

Housed in a 40mm stainless steel case, an atypical choice for F.P. Journe, the watch strikes a balance between form and function. Steel’s unique resonance properties make it an ideal choice, ensuring superior sound clarity.



F.P. Journe – Bio

François-Paul Journe was born in Marseille in 1959. An unruly child, he was sent to a local technical college at the age of 14. He went on to graduate from the Paris watchmaking school in 1976.
In 1982, after five years of work, he finished his tourbillon – and it work !
He founded the F.P. Journe company in 1999, have ever since stunned the world year after year with the visually distinctive and technically innovative watches The motto of the brand, Invenit et Fecit (Latin for “[He] invented it and made it”) denotes that the company builds the entirety of the watches. Journe often designs brand new movements, even inventing completely new systems, like the famous resonance chronometer.

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