Chronomètre Holland & Holland

  • Collection: Chronomètre
  • Model reference: Chronomètre Holland & Holland
  • Case/Size: Steel, 39mm
  • Dial: Damascus pattern an antique Holland & Holland gun barrel
  • Movement: Manual-winding
  • Functions: Hour and minutes
  • Specificity: Limited edition of 28
  • Condition: Like new
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F.P. Journe started working on Calibre 1304 in 2004. It comprises of two barrels delivering linear force to the escapement for over 56 hours. The baseplates and the bridges are all in 18K rosegold. It is the same movement that beats under the hood of F.P. Journe’s simple yet elegant Chronometre Souverain, of which several references have been made including the Chronometre Bleu, Byblos and the Dubai Boutique Edition.

While all the Chronometre Souverain feature a sub-seconds dial and a power reserve indicator, F.P. Journe made a very small batch of just 66 pieces called the Chronometre Holland & Holland. This is unusual in more ways than just the partnership.

Holland & Holland is an esteemed British gunmaker founded in 1835. They make handmade sporting rifles and shotguns.
For this collaboration with F.P Journe, the brand parted with two museum gun barrels numbered 1382 and 7183 dating back to 1868 and 1882 respectively. The barrels were made of Damascus steel.

To produce the dials, the gun barrels were first cut along their entire length at the Holland & Holland factory and rolled out to form flat strips. These were cut to into smaller strips, which could then be cleaned, polished, and reduced to the required thickness. The material was then sent to F. P. Journe’s own dial makers, “les Cadraniers de Genève” where the dials were cut out.

They were sent back to Holland & Holland and “browned”, a traditional gun-making technique that helps protect the steel and highlights the wonderful patterns created during the original manufacture of Damascus barrels.  The process is the same today as it was when the guns were made in the late 1800s. Each dial thus has a unique pattern making each watch unique.


The present reference features a dial cut out of Barell No. 7183 of which only 28 dials were produced. It is housed in a 39mm stainless steel case which is again very unusual of Journe, since almost all their watches are 38mm, 40mm, 42mm or 44mm.

Unlike the Chronometre Souverain which has the power reserve indicator and the sub-seconds, this reference is stripped down to the bare minimum with just the hours and minutes hands leaving the expanse of this gorgeous dial undisturbed.

On the inside is the hand-wound Calibre 1304 finished to the F.P. Journe standards. The contrast of the Geneva stripes on the solid gold bridges with polished anglage and the perlage on the baseplate is simply breathtaking.

This incredibly rare timepiece is offered on a hand-stitched burgundy alligator strap with its original limited edition warranty certificate as well as an FPJ x Holland Holland engraved wooden display box.



F.P. Journe – Bio

François-Paul Journe was born in Marseille in 1959. An unruly child, he was sent to a local technical college at the age of 14. He went on to graduate from the Paris watchmaking school in 1976.
In 1982, after five years of work, he finished his tourbillon – and it work !
He founded the F.P. Journe company in 1999, have ever since stunned the world year after year with the visually distinctive and technically innovative watches
The motto of the brand, Invenit et Fecit (Latin for “[He] invented it and made it”) denotes that the company builds the entirety of the watches. Journe often designs brand new movements, even inventing completely new systems, like the famous resonance chronometer.

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Accessories :

Accompanied by a limited edition warranty certificate and wooden presentation box engraved FPJ & Holland Holland